1st Place Finishes: 0
2nd Place Finishes: 0
3rd Place Finishes: 0
Top Ten Finishes: 3
Total Games In Arcade: 369
Total Games Played By dimples: 12
Total Games Played: 987950

Rankings for dimples

Game Score Rank Times Played High Score Age 
100m Running N/A N/A 4983 N/A
2 Ball Pool N/A N/A 7845 3210d 7h 41m 16s
2D Knock-Out N/A N/A 8321 3259d 15h 25m 23s
2D Memory N/A N/A 3721 2861d 20h 44m 58s
30k Starfighter N/A N/A 4584 2406d 18h 47m 53s
3D Car Driver N/A N/A 4342 3227d 19h 49m 44s
3D Net Blazer N/A N/A 11590 3263d 22h 37m 3s
7up Pinball N/A N/A 3937 3182d 9h 40m 28s
A murder of Scarecrows N/A N/A 4225 3056d 20h 13m 38s
Ace Blackjack N/A N/A 3849 2853d 11h 16m 10s
Aces High N/A N/A 4136 3299d 6h 19m 53s
Adidas Climacool N/A N/A 2878 2755d 7h 39m 13s
Air Balls N/A N/A 4659 3171d 8h 51m 42s
Air Heads N/A N/A 9144 2764d 16h 1m 52s
Airborne Virus N/A N/A 2245 3295d 8h 33m 59s
Alien Hominid N/A N/A 2618 3109d 10h 26m 9s
Alloy Arena N/A N/A 3555 2040d 18h 5m 36s
Alpha Force N/A N/A 4312 3199d 16h 4m 14s
Alpine Escape 2 N/A N/A 543 N/A
Altex N/A N/A 1303 N/A
Amazing Dare Dozen N/A N/A 5413 3304d 12h 44m 22s
Amira N/A N/A 1382 2720d 7h 56s
Animal Hunter N/A N/A 3968 2990d 8h 57m 46s
Anti Shanti N/A N/A 3891 2806d 8h 7m 27s
Apple Hunt N/A N/A 773 N/A
Arkanoid Flash N/A N/A 1890 2662d 6h 29m 6s
Asteroids N/A N/A 3256 3216d 12h 50m 43s
Attack Of The Influenza Birds N/A N/A 1490 3231d 16h 52m 16s
Baccarat N/A N/A 1438 3079d 17h 58m 54s
Badger Racing N/A N/A 2064 3207d 19h 47m 42s
Barb Jump N/A N/A 3434 3229d 17h 43m 26s
BarBQ Beef N/A N/A 7087 2916d 12h 57m 50s
Bartender N/A N/A 3861 3265d 14h 26m 2s
Bat & Mouse 2 N/A N/A 2341 3304d 23h 32m 16s
Battle Pong N/A N/A 2064 3065d 14h 53m 0s
Battle Pong N/A N/A 4356 2764d 15h 36m 56s
Battleball N/A N/A 3941 3211d 10h 18m 47s
Beach Squirter N/A N/A 3851 3319d 21h 35m 58s
Beat The Bugs! N/A N/A 943 N/A
Bee Eater N/A N/A 490 N/A
Beermat N/A N/A 4498 3308d 5h 9m 47s
Belter N/A N/A 1797 3005d 15h 23m 39s
Bikini Bounce N/A N/A 2016 2782d 23h 33m 45s
Block Buster N/A N/A 2347 2336d 12h 22m 43s
Blood Shed N/A N/A 738 N/A
Board? N/A N/A 895 N/A
Bogan Surf N/A N/A 10312 3282d 11h 59m 13s
Bombing Run N/A N/A 697 N/A
BombJack Arcade N/A N/A 1560 2834d 10h 23m 14s
Bouncy n Bob N/A N/A 3580 3329d 14h 54m 40s
Bow Hunter 1225 79 out of 212 3404 3137d 17h 9m 20s
Box Clone N/A N/A 893 3311d 11h 56m 38s
Breakout N/A N/A 2409 3091d 6h 28m 13s
Bubble Trouble N/A N/A 968 N/A
Bubbles N/A N/A 3554 2947d 9h 53m 0s
Bucket Launcher N/A N/A 587 N/A
Bueno Rufus N/A N/A 489 N/A
Bullseye Blaster 2 N/A N/A 2204 3214d 15h 44m 33s
Bungee Ball N/A N/A 1394 3209d 15h 42m 47s
Burger Time N/A N/A 4203 2492d 12h 14m 20s
Camera Killer N/A N/A 1641 3181d 8h 7m 14s
Canadair N/A N/A 6176 N/A
Candy Toss N/A N/A 770 3256d 13h 59m 15s
canyonglider N/A N/A 6923 2539d 1h 28m 13s
Capture The Flag N/A N/A 3561 3199d 18h 19m 23s
Caribbean Stud Poker N/A N/A 1749 3144d 22h 42m 9s
Carious Weltling N/A N/A 799 3180d 9h 10m 13s
Carmageddon N/A N/A 1263 3212d 10h 24m 1s
Castle Cat 1 N/A N/A 702 3181d 7h 23s
Castle Cat 2 N/A N/A 558 2823d 11h 10m 24s
Castle Cat 3 N/A N/A 477 2841d 7h 47m 22s
Castle Cat 4 N/A N/A 714 2841d 11h 19m 35s
Castle Defender N/A N/A 1577 3177d 11h 22m 28s
Catch 33 N/A N/A 1208 3229d 20h 44m 4s
Catch a Crab N/A N/A 3014 3326d 6h 40m 40s
Cave Run N/A N/A 536 N/A
City Jumper: New York N/A N/A 742 N/A
Classic Frogger N/A N/A 1327 3208d 17h 14m 13s
Classroom Fighter N/A N/A 2001 3186d 15h 53m 19s
Cliff Diver N/A N/A 990 N/A
Cliff Drop N/A N/A 3156 3288d 8h 18m 10s
Clowns N/A N/A 1020 2326d 13h 17m 27s
Clubby Seal N/A N/A 1558 2725d 8h 12m 48s
Collapse N/A N/A 4671 3264d 1h 8m 36s
Cone Crazy N/A N/A 3385 3046d 14h 25m 8s
Contra N/A N/A 1473 2625d 13h 30m 0s
Crab Ball N/A N/A 4236 2404d 7h 39m 22s
Craps N/A N/A 2153 3150d 6h 15m 3s
Crashdown N/A N/A 1755 2716d 6h 51m 42s
Crazy Shuttle N/A N/A 1408 3311d 9h 56m 4s
Cribbage Master N/A N/A 10278 3209d 17h 38m 20s
Cribbage Square N/A N/A 6137 2863d 11h 43m 15s
Cub Shoot 2 N/A N/A 875 N/A
cubebuster N/A N/A 1525 2902d 5h 28m 54s
Curveball N/A N/A 18127 3127d 6h 26m 32s
Deer Hunt N/A N/A 1410 3174d 15h 42m 3s
Defence The Game N/A N/A 942 N/A
Desert Battle N/A N/A 3675 3328d 22h 21m 15s
Desert Dash N/A N/A 1244 3149d 5h 48m 36s
Dibblez Party N/A N/A 496 N/A
Disc Dash N/A N/A 1283 3137d 10h 16m 40s
Diver Duck N/A N/A 479 N/A
Dodge N/A N/A 2773 3291d 8h 40m 59s
Dodgeball N/A N/A 1683 2763d 22h 55m 8s
Dogfight N/A N/A 1800 3214d 15h 42m 31s
Donkey Kong N/A N/A 400 N/A
Donkey Kong N/A N/A 3517 3248d 4h 59m 13s
Downhill N/A N/A 2032 3174d 8h 10m 7s
Drive By Shooting N/A N/A 1309 2841d 13h 28m 6s
Driving Mad N/A N/A 2883 N/A
DTunnel N/A N/A 4340 3243d 11h 26m 41s
DTunnel 3D N/A N/A 366 N/A
Dynamit N/A N/A 1006 3195d 9h 47m 3s
Ed, Edd, Eddy N/A N/A 1471 2852d 9h 27m 10s
Egg Maze N/A N/A 1756 3187d 10h 2m 48s
Equilibrium N/A N/A 1425 3182d 16h 37m 52s
Escape from Toyland N/A N/A 334 N/A
Excite Bike N/A N/A 771 N/A
F/A-18 Hornet N/A N/A 1116 3162d 17h 55m 0s
Fight Man N/A N/A 2345 3289d 15h 31m 29s
Finding Nemo N/A N/A 776 3243d 14h 47m 10s
Fire At Will N/A N/A 1557 3246d 19h 18m 39s
Fish Hunter 2 N/A N/A 719 N/A
Fishing The Sea N/A N/A 982 3179d 4h 12m 51s
Fishy N/A N/A 11431 2811d 15h 51m 5s
Fling The Candidate N/A N/A 2246 N/A
Fling The Cow N/A N/A 3040 3292d 16h 38m 45s
Flyplane N/A N/A 2984 3290d 17h 31m 33s
FogHorn Thanks N/A N/A 447 N/A
Foosball N/A N/A 1427 3049d 3h 57m 31s
Free Fall N/A N/A 1235 3235d 8h 32m 22s
FreeCell N/A N/A 1279 3311d 19h 55m 42s
Frog Batting N/A N/A 3390 3328d 9h 13m 35s
Frog Toss N/A N/A 348 N/A
Froggster N/A N/A 2968 3305d 3h 29m 58s
Funky Pong N/A N/A 6232 3328d 15h 52m 58s
Galagon 2004 N/A N/A 512 N/A
Gandy's Quest N/A N/A 2404 2927d 10h 7m 14s
Gary Golf N/A N/A 1671 2761d 21h 47m 2s
Get A Grip N/A N/A 1720 3283d 8h 3m 58s
GI Joe Mantis Attack N/A N/A 643 3181d 17h 2m 31s
Gladiator N/A N/A 885 3241d 17h 44m 30s
Goal Keeper N/A N/A 1340 3179d 17h 56m 26s
Gobblin House N/A N/A 828 2814d 13h 32m 4s
Gold Miner N/A N/A 6778 2854d 4h 25m 46s
Gold Strike N/A N/A 6615 3052d 21h 5m 41s
Golden Arrow N/A N/A 7328 2845d 1h 52m 30s
Golden Gate Drop N/A N/A 1336 1814d 7h 32m 39s
Golden Shower N/A N/A 620 N/A
Golf Ace N/A N/A 1786 3201d 13h 15m 38s
Gollums Rings N/A N/A 531 3226d 17h 30m 32s
Gone In 60 Seconds N/A N/A 1231 2121d 18h 4m 26s
Gorlog N/A N/A 814 2972d 6h 6m 51s
Grand Prix 2 N/A N/A 702 3174d 9h 14m 56s
Grave Robber N/A N/A 835 3193d 7h 46m 15s
Gravity Ball N/A N/A 1096 2903d 16h 40m 21s
Grow N/A N/A 3459 2760d 12h 7m 41s
Guardian Angel N/A N/A 542 3183d 16h 17m 52s
Gunny Bunny N/A N/A 551 3311d 21h 48m 33s
Gunslinger N/A N/A 680 3319d 16h 27m 32s
Gyroball N/A N/A 443 N/A
Hacky Sack N/A N/A 884 2821d 21h 4m 49s
Halloween N/A N/A 795 3231d 17h 7m 47s
Hang Stan N/A N/A 4468 919d 8h 49m 54s
Hangman N/A N/A 2470 3108d 5h 51m 36s
Happy Pill N/A N/A 1467 3128d 11h 28m 51s
Harry Potter Galleon N/A N/A 915 2815d 6h 53m 47s
Heli Attack 2 13724 23 out of 64 1232 1928d 5h 56m 34s
Hexxagon N/A N/A 2865 3207d 17h 37m 50s
Highway Hunter 4750 40 out of 65 853 3209d 14h 32m 51s
Hit the fan N/A N/A 5526 2312d 5h 53m 14s
HO Slappin N/A N/A 3418 3305d 22h 12m 49s
Holding N/A N/A 1146 2794d 21h 20m 54s
Home Run N/A N/A 4489 2809d 20h 44m 43s
Homers Beer Run N/A N/A 2061 3304d 15h 47m 20s
Honey Bunny N/A N/A 408 3250d 13h 44m 33s
Horoscope N/A N/A 249 N/A
HotRod Pinball N/A N/A 274 N/A
Hulk Smash Up N/A N/A 755 3098d 11h 18m 14s
Incriminati 2 N/A N/A 1042 N/A
Jackhammer Rampage N/A N/A 731 3229d 17h 25m 45s
Jacks Bar N/A N/A 574 N/A
Jade Dagger N/A N/A 657 3290d 7h 1m 25s
Jail Break N/A N/A 2080 3311d 10h 41m 37s
JawaShoot N/A N/A 288 N/A
Joust N/A N/A 933 3048d 4h 23m 16s
Juggler N/A N/A 971 2964d 17h 32m 26s
Juice Squeezer N/A N/A 1404 3089d 3h 31m 16s
Jungle Dave N/A N/A 395 N/A
Jungle Hunt N/A N/A 2741 3159d 3h 44m 30s
Jungle Monkey N/A N/A 2460 3293d 12h 56m 24s
Jungle Quest N/A N/A 449 3218d 11h 24m 4s
Keno N/A N/A 1347 3311d 10h 14m 44s
League Bowling N/A N/A 1725 2982d 4h 39m 0s
Lemonade Stand N/A N/A 1412 2836d 11h 11m 10s
LEtters N/A N/A 1186 2877d 11h 28m 40s
Lifes a Beach N/A N/A 464 N/A
Lightning Break N/A N/A 5186 3075d 18h 32m 11s
Lightning Pool N/A N/A 11155 3086d 9h 30m 10s
Little Geek N/A N/A 823 3216d 7h 30m 41s
Load of Croc N/A N/A 954 2814d 13h 13m 56s
Logrunner N/A N/A 1341 3316d 5h 2m 16s
Long Jump N/A N/A 530 N/A
Looser N/A N/A 339 N/A
Lost Your Marbles? N/A N/A 1039 2761d 17h 38m 29s
Luigis Day N/A N/A 441 N/A
mahjong N/A N/A 7074 3082d 7h 42m 10s
Makai Hockey N/A N/A 2877 3164d 16h 36m 13s
Marble Balance N/A N/A 689 3111d 15h 19m 3s
Marble Mayhem N/A N/A 530 3159d 15h 37m 40s
Marble Motion N/A N/A 29510 3134d 17h 35m 13s
Mario Kart Extreme N/A N/A 1398 3200d 11h 55m 35s
Marvins Speed N/A N/A 417 N/A
Mastermind N/A N/A 1447 3322d 10h 7m 22s
Matchsticks N/A N/A 1241 3075d 12h 42m 32s
Maze Builder N/A N/A 6877 2333d 12h 13m 4s
Megaman N/A N/A 1387 3173d 8h 12m 15s
Memory N/A N/A 1935 3304d 14h 51m 53s
Micro Machines N/A N/A 244 N/A
Midget Tossing N/A N/A 1278 3327d 5h 4m 0s
Milk Panic N/A N/A 1094 2704d 15h 54m 17s
Mini Pool 2 N/A N/A 6713 2704d 1h 35m 14s
MiniPool N/A N/A 7242 2609d 3h 41m 3s
Missile Strike 36000 10 out of 40 709 3011d 16h 46m 19s
Moebius Syndrome N/A N/A 1328 3104d 2h 47m 29s
Money Maze N/A N/A 251 N/A
Money Money Money N/A N/A 593 3296d 16h 5m 56s
Monkey Dude N/A N/A 1813 3177d 15h 35m 24s
Moon Lander N/A N/A 2071 3217d 12h 4m 16s
Mr. Flacit's Word Search N/A N/A 669 N/A
Muay Thai N/A N/A 1136 3148d 14h 18m 41s
Mud and Blood: Vietnam N/A N/A 1071 N/A
MuMu N/A N/A 6082 992d 19h 45m 45s
Neverland N/A N/A 1744 3307d 19h 19m 35s
Ninja Air Combat N/A N/A 279 N/A
Ninja Kid N/A N/A 526 3309d 6h 16m 26s
NP Cricket N/A N/A 2165 2854d 20h 40m 11s
Nun Gunner N/A N/A 314 N/A
Nut The Taps N/A N/A 1373 3327d 18h 25m 8s
O My Head N/A N/A 741 N/A
Operation Seahawk N/A N/A 273 N/A
Othello N/A N/A 1180 2336d 20h 50m 25s
Pacman N/A N/A 10048 2862d 9h 50m 18s
Panic Room N/A N/A 1092 2941d 11h 21m 30s
Paper Throw N/A N/A 1919 2990d 12h 2m 36s
Parking 998 46 out of 75 1027 3325d 6h 37m 26s
Penguin Arcade N/A N/A 789 3304d 23h 40m 49s
Penguin Panic N/A N/A 1066 3043d 6h 18m 43s
Penguin Pass N/A N/A 1249 3219d 21h 33m 30s
Penguin Toss N/A N/A 15124 3226d 1h 40m 7s
Pente 2 N/A N/A 660 2841d 16h 20m 59s
Pepe LePew N/A N/A 2210 3238d 11h 27m 49s
Pepsi Pinball N/A N/A 3236 3275d 18h 30m 41s
Photo Hunt N/A N/A 3029 2795d 1h 25m 58s
Ping Pong N/A N/A 3159 2325d 13h 25m 32s
Pipe Mania N/A N/A 2764 3328d 8h 5m 8s
Planetcide Genesis N/A N/A 420 3243d 15h 40m 15s
Plasma V2 N/A N/A 1022 3215d 15h 4m 3s
Plastic Balls N/A N/A 590 3090d 10h 46m 1s
Playing With Fire N/A N/A 9632 3106d 7h 57m 27s
Plumber 2 N/A N/A 815 2783d 15h 37m 34s
Pool Jam N/A N/A 14839 2413d 38m 37s
Population Tire N/A N/A 728 3186d 15h 23m 41s
Power Play N/A N/A 766 3172d 15h 28m 27s
Primaton & Monkey N/A N/A 902 3242d 7h 49m 2s
QB Challenge N/A N/A 13111 3297d 15h 58m 3s
Quake Eggs N/A N/A 5139 3197d 17h 30m 55s
Quick Shot N/A N/A 1288 3316d 8h 6m 51s
Ratman N/A N/A 1795 2680d 17h 5m 36s
Recoil N/A N/A 556 3154d 9h 3m 9s
Rick Dangerous N/A N/A 2267 1416d 22m 33s
Rigelian Hot Shots N/A N/A 249 N/A
Robo Soccer N/A N/A 647 3302d 17h 2m 4s
RocketMX Racing N/A N/A 581 N/A
ROFLattack! N/A N/A 548 3214d 9h 15m 53s
Rong N/A N/A 1182 3325d 7h 22m 3s
Rotations N/A N/A 1362 3322d 9h 18m 29s
Roulette 4 N/A N/A 1285 3144d 1h 45m 36s
Rubber Band It N/A N/A 4276 2835d 13h 40m 6s
Run Sam Run N/A N/A 392 N/A
Save the Goldfish N/A N/A 820 2915d 9h 25m 17s
Sea Monster N/A N/A 687 3142d 19h 48m 13s
Seconds Of Madness N/A N/A 5442 3220d 6h 57m 32s
Sewer Surf N/A N/A 1119 3186d 20h 54m 5s
Shape Match N/A N/A 1906 3250d 16h 3m 51s
Shark Attack N/A N/A 987 3330d 1h 48m 17s
Sheep Jumper N/A N/A 567 2972d 12h 5m 11s
Shield Shot 25500 82 out of 133 2213 3233d 11h 32m 14s
Shoot 2: Cruise Control N/A N/A 520 N/A
Shoot Em In N/A N/A 2623 2820d 13h 9m 6s
Shoot The Fly N/A N/A 297 N/A
Short Bus Rampage N/A N/A 595 N/A
Shuriken N/A N/A 2045 3249d 12h 54m 44s
Simon 11 68 out of 119 1510 2656d 18h 2m 7s
Skeet Shoot 12975 11 out of 89 1195 3102d 17h 38m 22s
Skip Rock N/A N/A 2954 3331d 12h 51s
slingo N/A N/A 11774 2933d 8h 2m 16s
Slingshot Santa N/A N/A 1702 3327d 17h 2m 35s
Slot Machine N/A N/A 531 2956d 12h 12m 19s
Slot Machine 2 N/A N/A 593 3076d 4h 38m 39s
Sloyd N/A N/A 663 N/A
Smaugs Schatkist N/A N/A 288 N/A
Snake N/A N/A 11020 3124d 21h 48m 20s
Snow Pinball 2 N/A N/A 1131 2524d 16h 19m 55s
Snowboard N/A N/A 1401 3174d 15h 42m 10s
Soccer Pong N/A N/A 1030 3090d 17h 48m 24s
Soccer Tournament N/A N/A 1131 3230d 10h 40m 7s
Sonar 2003 N/A N/A 559 N/A
Sonic Heros Puzzle N/A N/A 613 3109d 6h 25m 35s
Space Cowboy N/A N/A 371 3311d 9h 29m 28s
Space Invaders N/A N/A 865 3285d 6h 51m 13s
Space Rescue N/A N/A 670 3270d 7h 15m 47s
Spank The Monkey N/A N/A 1518 2841d 13h 40m 11s
Special Operations N/A N/A 733 3244d 19h 42m 34s
Speed N/A N/A 14282 2954d 22h 28m 39s
Speedy Thief N/A N/A 2487 3194d 14h 53m 1s
Spell Racer N/A N/A 638 3297d 7h 26m 54s
Sports Smash N/A N/A 4324 2879d 15h 32m 16s
Spy Hunter N/A N/A 706 3185d 1h 43m 42s
SQRL Ski N/A N/A 727 3175d 13h 39m 5s
Square Bear Photo Hunt N/A N/A 7128 2747d 16h 21m 17s
Squirrel Squash 2 N/A N/A 1549 2631d 15h 29m 31s
Squiz Extreme N/A N/A 1325 3290d 4m 47s
Star Runner N/A N/A 1134 3251d 15h 19m 15s
Starry Night N/A N/A 872 2983d 1h 48m 32s
Stickman Shooter N/A N/A 387 N/A
Stitch Speed Chase N/A N/A 283 N/A
Stone The Crows N/A N/A 793 N/A
Streaker N/A N/A 2854 2631d 15h 38m 42s
Streets of Fire 153016 29 out of 125 3183 3122d 14h 51m 5s
Stress Relief Paintball N/A N/A 1452 3311d 14h 45m 27s
Strip Our Die N/A N/A 2585 N/A
Submarine N/A N/A 1934 3276d 17h 13m 35s
SuMaze Racer N/A N/A 307 N/A
Super Fishing N/A N/A 1863 3173d 22h 21m 52s
Super Froggy N/A N/A 748 3236d 11h 24m 21s
Super Mario Rampage N/A N/A 2789 3157d 16h 2m 32s
Super Splash N/A N/A 2117 3221d 15h 55m 25s
Surf Point Blue N/A N/A 1470 837d 21h 9m 48s
Target 2 N/A N/A 1831 3073d 20h 54m 47s
Telescope N/A N/A 1398 3298d 17h 21m 9s
Telescope 2 N/A N/A 698 3282d 10h 22m 35s
Ten Pin Bowling N/A N/A 4896 3279d 4h 2m 32s
Tetris N/A N/A 23192 2514d 13h 12m 27s
The Battle of Helms Deep N/A N/A 571 N/A
The Naked Run N/A N/A 1928 3239d 6h 40m 33s
The Turtles N/A N/A 1693 3321d 13h 10m 22s
The Weakest Link N/A N/A 4787 3275d 4h 53m 36s
Thrust II N/A N/A 2270 3136d 6h 28m 54s
Tiny-Formula N/A N/A 497 N/A
Titania N/A N/A 814 3236d 12h 13m 39s
Traffic Jam N/A N/A 1675 2818d 8h 56m 21s
Trampoline N/A N/A 8927 3328d 23h 18m 24s
Trap Shoot 2 N/A N/A 1693 3245d 16h 27m 18s
Turtle Bridge N/A N/A 673 N/A
Tv Game Show N/A N/A 1116 N/A
Typing Contest 121 21 out of 301 2992 2949d 21h 12m 33s
UrbanSlug N/A N/A 1513 N/A
Van N/A N/A 5087 3308d 8h 9m 10s
Virus 2 N/A N/A 7355 2915d 5h 31m 57s
Wack A Nazgu N/A N/A 665 N/A
Wall Ball N/A N/A 1983 3178d 11h 25m 0s
Western Shooter 9680 10 out of 303 5650 3329d 18h 2m 4s
Word Jam N/A N/A 8555 2906d 11h 2m 2s
Word Up 12600 6 out of 76 2329 3069d 9h 42m 35s
x227 N/A N/A 1057 N/A
Xtreme Skateboarding N/A N/A 3938 3226d 11h 10m 26s
Yahtzee N/A N/A 49674 2764d 15h 35m 10s
Zoo Keeper N/A N/A 8486 2537d 11h 27m 6s