Application of Cell Phone Jammer

Posted: Apr 3 2012, 10:10 AM
The nature of a cellphone jammer

By mobile jammer (jammer, cell phone jammer, cell signal jammer) people understand a mechanism set to interlock signals that the cell phones send forth. Cell phones will not be able to get or send signals to the station if a phone jammer is on. Phone jammer was elaborated by military forces. This mechanism admits to pose the enemy and cuts the interception of the information, during significant secret military operations, in particular.

The sphere of usage

The usage of the cell phones jammers is distributed approximately everywhere. But generally they are employed in places where silence and privacy play the key part. For instance, cell phone jammer can be observed in police departments and military organizations because it is the private information that is highly praised in the places of this kind. Mobile phone jammer can also be found in prisons for the purpose of hampering prisoners from using the cell phones that they have carried illegally into the prison. Therefore, variety of possible runaways and misdeeds is averted. In hospitals mobile phone jammers are very useful if there is delicate installation that can be harmed by the signals of the mobile phones.

Jammers typology

It is accepted to distinguish several types of jammers: mobile phone jammer, Wi-Fi jammer, Bluetooth jammer, 4G jammer, GPS jammer and others. Every type has its particular service area, characteristics, properties and prices. The types of jammers are rather various, thatí»s why it is necessary to advise qualified specialists to pick out the jammer that will meet your demands and objectives.
Posted: Jul 5 2012, 04:12 AM
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