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Name:Carl Jones
Join Date:1-June 04
Total Posts:1341
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Relationship Status:Single
Race:Black / African Descent
Body Type:Athletic
Smoke / Drink:No / Yes
Here For:Dating Women, Friends, Activity Partners, Networking
Birthdate:29 June 1984
Hometown:Cranberry Township, PA
Location:Broomfield, CO
Major:Aerospace Engineering/Spanish
Frat / Sorority:Pi Kappa Alpha
Occupation:Unemployed (applying to be a Naval Officer right now)
Interests:Sports, Women, Beer, NOT SCHOOL, more beer, alcohol, Spring break, having a good time, lifting, working out, sleep
Favorite Music:Mostly Hip Hop, but I'll listen to anything except country....only a few country songs at a time
About Me:Funemployed and still in Colorado...
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  • Thanks for the b-day post. How have you been man? How's that new skydiving suit working out for you? Do any cool jumps lately? Well, hit me back. Ciao
    9.13.06 7:31am convo
  • Happy Birthday Dan!
    8.08.06 1:52pm convo
  • Oh ok yeah the one in Pigeon Forge is by Flyaway. The one here in Colorado is by Skyventure. Check it out.

    7.12.06 11:44am convo
  • Yeah, last time I was in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. they had one. I ran out of time though. I will def. try that out (at least before I jump from a plane.) The closest I've gotten to that kind of freefall was Drop Zone @ Kings Island. Now I just want more more more. So yeah, I could get addicted easily.
    7.12.06 11:25am convo
  • Hell yeah man. Honestly its like fucking crack for skydivers dude. I'm there every week learning new skills. It uses recirculating fans and suction to create the simulation of freefall. It feels exactly the same, but since you only have a 12 foot area to work with, it makes your moves more precise and makes your flying and skills skyrocket....its awesome bro...you should try it
    7.12.06 10:59am convo
  • Hell yeah! Good luck man. Are those vertical wind tunnels even halfway fun?
    7.12.06 5:30am convo
  • GAH....no....it rained all fucking weekend here. I'm on my way to practice at the vertical wind tunnel here in Denver though, so may try it tonight. I'm gonna try to fly with it this weekend....

    I'll let you know how it goes....hopefully it flys well and helps me fly well
    7.11.06 2:48pm convo
  • Try out your new jump suit yet?
    7.11.06 1:33pm convo