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Name:Carl Jones
Join Date:1-June 04
Total Posts:1341
Posts Per Day:0.3
Relationship Status:Single
Race:Black / African Descent
Body Type:Athletic
Smoke / Drink:No / Yes
Here For:Dating Women, Friends, Activity Partners, Networking
Birthdate:29 June 1984
Hometown:Cranberry Township, PA
Location:Broomfield, CO
Major:Aerospace Engineering/Spanish
Frat / Sorority:Pi Kappa Alpha
Occupation:Unemployed (applying to be a Naval Officer right now)
Interests:Sports, Women, Beer, NOT SCHOOL, more beer, alcohol, Spring break, having a good time, lifting, working out, sleep
Favorite Music:Mostly Hip Hop, but I'll listen to anything except country....only a few country songs at a time
About Me:Funemployed and still in Colorado...
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  • Quit jumping out of planes and start posting.
    8.27.06 12:16pm convo
  • mmmm baguettes and brie cheese!
    8.03.06 1:09pm convo
  • Of course
    yer invited.
    You can cook
    the chicken
    7.29.06 10:00pm convo
  • yes! darkness has taken over...
    7.27.06 4:39pm convo
  • Daaaaaaaaaaahkness!
    7.27.06 10:10am convo
  • You dear sir,
    will feel the scratchity
    fingerclaws of scratchiness
    when AngryCat scratches you
    with his Scratchers.
    7.26.06 9:29pm convo
  • Hey what'd you do today?
    7.23.06 3:01am convo
  • She's a very kinky girl
    the kind you don't
    take home to Mother...
    7.17.06 8:34pm convo
  • Yeah, last time I was in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. they had one. I ran out of time though. I will def. try that out (at least before I jump from a plane.) The closest I've gotten to that kind of freefall was Drop Zone @ Kings Island. Now I just want more more more. So yeah, I could get addicted easily.
    7.12.06 11:25am convo
  • Hell yeah! Good luck man. Are those vertical wind tunnels even halfway fun?
    7.12.06 5:30am convo